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Below the Hook
Lifting Devices

Below the hook lifting devices are safety critical components that must withstand the loads and environmental conditions they are subjected to, and most importantly preserve the safety of the workers and equipment in the area. This includes devices such as lifting beams, spreader bars, hooks, clamps, and slings.


We can design and certify below the hook devices to ensure the safety of your operations. If you need a custom device designed specifically for your equipment, we can help with that also.

Aerial Equipment

Often our customers need a unique solution to lift and move materials or people around the worksite. Some examples might include a man basket, cement barrel, junk basket, dumpster or a BOP stand. Whatever it is that you need, let us know and we can design a solution.

General Structural

Often times OH&S or other regulatory bodies will require you to have certifications for various pieces of equipment to prove that it has been properly Engineered and is being used within its rated capacity. This can include things like pipe racks, walking platforms, shelving and stands or things like mobile equipment, testing equipment, and material transfer equipment.

Whether you need something new designed for your application, you are modifying something, or you have an existing piece of equipment, we can analyze it for you and get you the cert you need.

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