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Recent Projects

High Capacity Load Frame &
Control Panel

Techtree recently designed and built a complete testing solution for a customer to test and validate their products in house. The equipment was designed with the following specifications:

  • 600,000 lbf Tension/Compression

  • 20,000 psi Pressure

  • High Temperature Capability

  • Control Panel for full operation

  • Data Acquisition System (DAQ)

    • Custom GUI for specific test procedures

Blow Out Preventer Manipulation Designs

Techtree has designed numerous variations of equipment designed to manipulate BOP's. Specifications met to suit specific customer needs:

  • Hydraulic hands off control

  • Manual manipulation with crane assist

  • Free continuous rotation using novel split ring design


Pre-fabricated Tent

Techtree is experienced in designing and analyzing pre-fabricated tent structures. This one was built in the particularly challenging environment of Kitimat, BC where it will experience relatively large snow loads.

Analysis - Downhole Tools

In the pursuit of greater efficiencies and performance, downhole tools are increasingly being installed in more challenging environments and being pushed closer to their limits. A supplier of sand control products for oil & gas, water and solution mining applications wanted to determine the load capacities of one of their products under various loading conditions.

Livestock Shelter

Many of the members of Techtree Engineering have roots in farming, and some of them are still farming to this day! So there is a good chance we understand your problems and can help you with solutions. Check out this livestock shelter that was Engineered for a customer.


Hydraulic Spool Manipulator

  • Hydraulically actuated for position control

  • Hydraulically motor to power spool rotation through full range of spool orientation.

  • Cantilevered from a service rig mast with adaptive positioning under full hydraulic control


Post Frame Building

Post frame buildings are well suited for agricultural buildings due to their simple and cost-effective design and fast construction. Techtree is experienced in designing and analyzing post frame buildings. This one was built on a farm SE of Edmonton, AB.

Cannabis Vault

Cannabis retailers must store their products in a storage facility that meets the requirements of regulators in their province in addition to the Building Code. Techtree recently completed the design of a Cannabis Vault for a customer in Saskatchewan.

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