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A Little About Us

Techtree Engineering Ltd. is an employee owned business serving industries all across Canada. We have built a reputation for delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions to businesses in the oil & gas, agricultural, construction, manufacturing and mining industries.

Techtree's roots stem from the oil & gas industry where we have extensive knowledge and experience in the design and analysis of downhole tools, rig design, and handling equipment. Another core area of expertise is in structural design, machine design, and material handling equipment. We often help businesses with upgrades to their manufacturing facilities including making modifications to existing equipment and designing new equipment where needed.

We also provide inspection and certification of cranes and other safety equipment. We will ensure that all equipment is up to code and meets the necessary safety standards, giving our clients peace of mind knowing that their operations are safe and compliant.

Techtree will work with you to develop your ideas and bring them to the market. If you have a concept for a product, we can provide the design, documentation, and certification needed to make it a reality.

Give us a call and let us help you on your next project!


New industry challenges require new innovative products that can outperform their predecessors.  These products must also perform safely and reliably, all while costing less than they have in the past.  We focus on these points when working on either our own product offerings or helping you to bring your product into the market. 

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Give us a call, reach out.  We would love to meet and try to understand the unique challenges you face in your business.  We have a team that is passionate about solving problems and supporting your business in whatever way we can.


The diverse experience of our team allows us to connect with a wide variety of markets.  We are proud to serve the oil and gas industry in both downhole and surface applications.  We also specialize in developing agricultural products and structural engineering for commercial or residential applications. Inside our building projects we additionally provide HVAC/mechanical design as well as energy code compliance design/review.

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We understand that a complete engineering consulting service extends well beyond just providing drawings.  We are happy to be involved from conceptual development, through to design, analysis, drafting, fabrication support, testing and final commissioning.   We also then provide our customers with marketing material, engineering documentation, and inspections.

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