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Energy Code & Mechanical Design

Energy Code Reviews

We provide independent 3rd party National Energy Code reviews as required for commercial or residential buildings.  The sooner in the design/build process this review can be completed, the fewer surprises you'll run in to down the road.

Custom Thermal Analysis

New designs don't always match up with the generalized solutions in the Energy Code and Building Code.  When this is the case we work with our customers to analyze and certify that their individual product is in compliance with all relevant code requirements.  Analysis often starts with simplified hand calculations and then transitions to detailed computer simulation to refine the details as needed.  

HVAC System Design

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems often go unnoticed when working as designed.  However, malfunctioning or poorly designed systems can quickly become an unintentional focal point. 

Whether your need is for a simple, reliable system, or something more complex aimed at maximizing overall building efficiency, it's important to layout the HVAC system design early in the overall building process.  

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