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With markets as competitive as ever, products are being pushed well beyond their previous limits.  Thorough analysis of complex loading scenarios is critical to push these boundaries while at the same time reducing cost and iterations of testing.

We offer design solutions from engineers with extensive experience on the conceptual side that is uniquely balanced out by a practical skill set from years of hands on experience in the industries we serve. 


A design has to work as well in real life as it does on paper.

We offer both routine scheduled equipment inspections as well as inspections required after a unique challenges such as a failure or a bringing an older piece of equipment back into service.

We happily work with our customers to create the content required to convey the functionality and technical details of any new or existing product.  Our hands on experience lets us get the details right that your customers are going to notice. 

Do you already have a design that you want to manufacture?  Or maybe you have a legacy product that you need to be drawn again to bring it up to your current standards.  We can provide the drafting services to get all of the details right.

Other Services
PTMAA Registrations
Handling Equipment
Rig Level IV's
Crane Mount
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