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Design within the agriculture industry has taken many forms over time.  Often born out of necessity, new designs have come from the hands of those directly using the equipment.  Several of our engineers have grown up using, modifying, and designing equipment to meet their own farming needs and continue to do so. 


If you have your own unique design that you would like to develop further, or simply a challenge that requires some collaboration and innovative thinking, give us a call.  


Applying engineering fundamentals along with industry leading analysis software allows a design to progress from being functional, to also being as cost effective, easy to manufacture, and as reliable as possible. 


Typical analysis that we get involved with inside of the agriculture industry includes static analysis to suite a required load rating, weight optimization, dynamic impact analysis and fatigue life cycle studies.

Technical Documentation 

Knowing that a product will be the right fit for your application can often come down to the details of the load rating, capacity, or interchangeability with other products.  We've found that simple, clear, and professional documentation is critical in communicating these points. 


Whether it is a product that you've designed or someone else's, we can provide any technical documentation needed to back it up.

Marketing Material

Getting a new product into the market, or maintaining sales for an existing product, are both jobs made easier with graphics or animations that can show off the many benefits it has over the competition. 


We leverage our experience growing up within the agriculture industry to be able to show how a product will function and understanding what it is we would want to see to be convinced to buy it for our own use.

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