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Engineering Design

Product Design

The successful life cycle of a product design will hit every step in the process while keeping design iterations at the front end where changes can be made quickly rather than in the later stages where can be very costly.  We achieve this with careful attention to detail at the start while carefully defining what specific targets must be hit in order for the product to be successful. 


We can be involved in some, or all parts of the process depending on your need, including: conceptual design, detailed analysis, 3D modelling, drafting, manufacturing, testing, inspecting, commissioning, and marketing. 

Design Improvements

Successful innovation is less often a brand new concept and more often incremental improvements on something existing to increase capacity, functionality, and reliability while reducing the cost.  We have the tools and experience required to continually improve a design to keep it competitive in the market.

Code Review

Have the confidence that your products will stand up to all applicable codes under the finest scrutiny.  We have an extensive database of codes and specifications that we use daily in our design practice to ensure compliance with all safety and industry standards.

3rd Party Design Review

A 3rd party design review by an independent professional engineering firm can give you the confidence that whatever you are bringing into market will stand the test of time.  We've been involved from simple calculation checks to complete professional design review reports that go from top to bottom leaving nothing unchecked. 

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