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Crane Inspections

From mobile cranes to overhead shop cranes, we support our customers in their recurring inspection requirements.  OHS mandates crane inspections as per CSA Z150.  We have streamlined our processes to allow us to be quick, thorough and competitive while allowing you to get back to using your crane for what it was meant for. 

CAOEC Inspections

Our oilfield experience has found us performing numerous Level III and Level IV inspections on a wide variety of equipment from drilling and service rigs to supporting overhead equipment and everything in between.  This experience helps us work with operators to identify and prevent typical points of wear/maintenance so that downtime can be minimized.  We work closely with our customers' schedule to coordinate any needed repairs or improvements required to maximize product utilization.

Equipment Inspections

We inspect and certify a wide variety of supporting mechanical/structural equipment for our customers.  This has included zoom booms, bobcats, hoes, and man lifts.  We work with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to develop cost effective repair procedures.

Building Condition

An effective and complete building condition inspection can be critical for informed decision making regarding a current or future project.  We are able to complete the inspection for you as well as work with you on any engineering required to move forward. 

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