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O&G - Surface Equipment

Rig Design

Our team has a unique combination of experience in both designing and working on rigs in the Canadian Oilfield. 

Whether you are looking at a new rig design or an upgrade/modification to an existing one, we are here to help. 

Our industry involvement has allowed us to work on drilling rigs, service rigs, flushbys, coil tubing units and wireline.  We also provide CAOEC Level III/Level IV inspections, and emergency repair services. 

Well Control

A lot goes into the safe and effective control of a well over its life.  From the design of individual components to the documentation of associated procedures, there are many critical factors. 


We've worked with our customers to design well control equipment to meet the unique and varied needs of specific wells.  This includes BOPs, flow tees, strippers and other ancillary equipment.

Overhead Equipment

There are few things more critical than the safety and reliability of equipment operating over the heads of workers. 

We take these risks seriously and stand confidently underneath our products. 

Some of these products include: elevators, spreader bars, man baskets, aerial work platforms, fall arrest systems, critical lift plans and BOP handling systems.

Equipment Repair

We have seen a wide variety of equipment failure, and whether it be a broken lug or a large structural failure there is always one thing in common; downtime costs. 


We respect this and work with you in your unique situation to get your equipment up and running as soon as possible.

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