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Markets Served

Oil and Gas

We have extensive experience in the Oil and Gas industry. We have been involved in the design, analysis, manufacture and repair of both downhole and surface equipment.


Our team is well suited to take on any project in the agriculture sector. Most of our Engineers grew up on the farm and are still active in the agriculture sector.

Structural engineering is required in a wide variety of situations, from cranes, to building design, to custom material handling systems.


We take on the engineering required to ensure that your structure has been designed, built, and inspected to the required codes and standards.

bridge crane.png

Meeting the building code, getting our customer the design they want, and keeping costs down are all at the focus of every residential project we have done.  We've worked on foundation design, permanent wood foundations, tall walls, tele-post removal, solar installations, and pole buildings.

As industry standards change over time, buildings are constantly demanded to meet more stringent codes as it relates to their overall efficiency/footprint.  We work with clients to analyze a building envelope against the latest requirements of the energy code to ensure all the right boxes are checked.  This can range from standard HVAC/mechanical design to full system energy modeling

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