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O&G - Downhole Tools


The downhole tool market is a competitive place to be.  Tools are being pushed past their previous limits while also being required to cost less and function with even higher levels of reliability. 


We partner with our customers to meet these challenges head on and help them to stay at the front of the industry.  The product may be a brand new design from scratch or an incremental improvement on something that has been working for years.

Performance Envelopes

In order to push a design to its limits, it is critical to have confidence in where these limits are.  Legacy designs don't tend to come with a manual, much less a performance envelope.  We combine our depth of analytical experience with industry leading analysis software to determine the performance limits of your tool no matter what year it was designed.

Failure Analysis

After putting out the fire of a failed tool it is crucial to understand the series of events that lead to the end result.  Our failure analysis services range from putting together a clear and concise professional report to throwing on a pair of coveralls to disassemble and test alongside our customers. 

Technical Documentation

Clear, concise, and available when you need it.  That's what we believe the definition of technical documentation should be. 


With templated formats that are designed based on our customers' processes, we quickly create running procedures, assembly instructions, spec sheets and everything in between so that any technical information is available when it needs to be.

Marketing Material

The market is a dynamic and changing landscape, but one thing that remains constant is the need to clearly and quickly communicate a product or service.  We work with our customers to create in-house animations and renders that drive future sales. 


Our understanding of tool design, industry lingo, and hands on experience saves you the time of going with someone who may be trying to market your product without the knowledge of how it works or how it fits inside the industry.

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