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Foundation Design

Depending on your location, budget, and application, there are multiple foundation designs that you may want to consider.


We've done foundation work with grade beams, cast in place (CIP) designs, shallow foundations, preserved wood foundations (PWF), screw piles, and driven piles. 

New Build

With the right foundation underneath, your new build is ready to take shape.  We can work with you on the design; checking 3D models of the final concept to ensure it is what you want before the construction begins.  This may be in a traditional residential application, or in a pole building to be used as a barn or shop. 


Unique renovations typically bring with them unique challenges.  Making a structural change while ensuring the design follows the current building code is something that we specialize in.  Be it a tele-post removal, custom beam installation, solar installation, or deck foundation.  We can help from the building condition assessment through to the final installation. 

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